Back Pain Relief

Conservative back pain treatment at Sorell-Iversen Chiropractic Clinic may just be what you need for lasting relief. You probably know that over-the-counter painkillers provide only temporary relief, and some are habit-forming. On the other hand, our Manhattan, KS, chiropractors, will use drug-free techniques and therapies to address the root cause of your pain.


Back Pain Causes

The back is a remarkable structure that protects the spine, intervertebral discs, nerves, bones, and soft tissue. The upper back spine provides stability and strength, while the lower back spine is flexible and designed to facilitate motions like bending and twisting. However, its flexible nature is why the lumbar spine is prone to injury and degeneration. Common reasons for pain include soft tissue strains, being overweight, pregnancy, repetitive movements, and lifting heavy objects the wrong way. Other causes are:

  • Sciatica
  • Bulging or herniated disc
  • A fall, accident, or sports injury 
  • Degenerative disc disease, such as osteoarthritis or spinal stenosis
  • Irritation, inflammation, or compression of the spinal nerve

Back Pain Symptoms

Patients generally complain of a dull aching, sharp, stabbing, or burning pain that occurs suddenly or gradually. It may be persistent or intermittent, worsen with activity or rest, or cause reduced mobility. Upper back pain may radiate to the shoulder, arm, or hand. Lower back pain may travel to the hip, buttock, or leg. Numbness, tingling, or weakness may also occur along the length of the sciatic nerve from the hips to the feet.

Back Pain Treatment from Our Chiropractors in Manhattan, KS

We will need to do a physical exam, x-ray, and other diagnostic tests to uncover the underlying reason you're feeling pain. The goal of back pain treatment is to relieve the pain right from its source and prevent a recurrence. Here's a quick look at the non-invasive methods we can integrate into your personalized wellness plan:

  • Chiropractic Adjustments: The spine is repositioned by gently manipulating the joints, bones, and soft tissue into alignment. Spinal adjustments help to relieve pain and inflammation from disorders affecting the musculoskeletal system and the nervous system. They restore function and balance by easing the pressure on the disc, nerve, and soft tissue.
  • Lumbar Decompression: Non-surgical lumbar decompression for lower back pain involves using motorized traction to increase disc space and take the pressure off the nerve and discs. It works well for conditions such as herniated or bulging disc and sciatica nerve irritation.
  • Corrective Exercises: They help strengthen the back muscles and increase flexibility.

We can also design a wellness program that involves lifestyle changes, weight management, and routine chiropractic care to maintain back and spine health.

Get Natural Back Pain Relief from Our Chiropractors

Back pain treatments provided at Sorell-Iversen Chiropractic Clinic are safe even for pregnant women needing prenatal chiropractic. Call (785)776-7568 to schedule an appointment at our clinic in Manhattan, KS.


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