Sports Injuries

How a Chiropractor Can Help with Sports Injuries

Exercise is an important aspect of health and well-being. Unfortunately, sports, which are a great way of giving your body the exercise it needs, inherently include the risk of injury. Although injuries are rare when the sport is conducted by talented and experienced players using appropriate safety measures, they still happen. Some injuries might require a trip to the hospital emergency room for immediate care, others can be treated by Sorell-Iverson Chiropractic Clinic in Manhattan, KS, either in lieu of a general practitioner or as after care following a traditional initial treatment.


The Difference between Sports Injury and Regular Soreness

Regular soreness is normal and to be expected if you work out regularly or participate in organized sports. A chiropractor can help with such an issue through massage, or by correcting posture and back alignment, which both relieves the immediate soreness and reduces the risk of future injury. Chiropractors can also help treat injuries by aligning the structures of the body to allow it to heal more efficiently.

Common Sports Injuries

There are several common sports injuries, ranging from a torn muscle or strained joint to a broken bone or dislocated joint. Back injuries are common as well, and bruising, scrapes, or cuts can occur, especially with contact sports. One thing to remember is that even a sport which isn't considered a “contact sport” can involve contact. For example, jogging either a 5K or a marathon can involve people bumping into each other and cycling can result in an accident which results in contact with the road, trail, or another cyclist. Any sport can involve a fall or overuse of a muscle or joint.

Deciding on a Treatment for Sports Injuries

Once the nature of the injury has been diagnosed, a treatment plan begins. A chiropractor can help with the soreness associated with the injury and any other stress your body is under. A broken bone may need a cast or brace, a chiropractor can often help with the following discomfort during the healing process. Torn or sprained muscles or back injuries are when a chiropractor really comes in as being able to provide the immediate solution and help the person prevent future injuries with alignment, posture, and muscle strengthening techniques.

Choosing a Reputable Chiropractor in Manhattan, KS

Sorell-Iverson Chiropractic Clinic in Manhattan, KS, is available to treat sports injuries or provide any other chiropractic services you may need. The doctors and staff at Sorell-Iverson understand the nuances of all kinds of musculoskeletal injuries and will design a custom treatment program according to your needs. Give us a call at (785)776-7568 to schedule an appointment.


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