Disc Degeneration

Disc degeneration can cause back pain and limited mobility, which can prevent you from accomplishing certain tasks and lower your quality of life. At Sorell-Iversen Chiropractic Clinic in Manhattan, KS, we provide a variety of treatments to reduce your discomfort and improve your overall health. Prior to visiting us, learn more about disc degeneration below:


What Is Disc Degeneration?

Degenerative disc disease is a debilitating condition that occurs when the discs that sit between the vertebrae wear down. These discs are a rubbery and flexible material that helps to cushion the vertebrae in the spinal cord so they don’t rub together when you bend or flex. These discs can often become compressed and cause pressure on the nerves they are protecting, which results in back pain.

For those who have disc degeneration, the pain can come and go or remain constant. When this happens, it can limit mobility and impact quality of life. Without a doubt, you deserve relief, and our chiropractic team may be able to help you.

How Chiropractic Adjustments Help with Disc Degeneration

As noted, disc degeneration happens when the discs are compressed, which causes the nerves to become inflamed. Our chiropractors can provide relief with adjustments. We will apply gentle pressure to the affected regions to reduce your symptoms. Not only that, but we also utilize spinal decompression therapy, which gently stretches the spine and improve alignment. As a result, pressure will be relieved from the nerves and you’ll start feeling better.

During spinal decompression therapy, a traction table is used to stretch the spine. This table is designed to help reduce pressure between the vertebrae and alleviate your discomfort. The technique is not painful and can provide immediate relief.

Treatment for Back Pain

Both spinal decompression and chiropractic adjustments can be highly beneficial for back pain. When you visit us, we will perform an evaluation to learn more about your condition and determine the root cause of your discomfort. Then, our chiropractors will develop an individualized treatment plan that is designed to ease your symptoms and help you heal.

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