Lumbar Decompression

About Decompression

The DRX9000 is a non-invasive, non-surgical treatment. It is effective in treating low back pain associated with herniated discs, bulging discs and degenerative disc disease, allowing patients to return to an active lifestyle.  

The lumbar DRX9000 treatment plan consists of 20 sessions over a period of six weeks. Each session consists of a manual manipulation then approximately 30 minutes on the DRX9000. Following that is electrical stimulation therapy with either ice pack or heat pad applied to the area to help the paravertebral muscles consolidate and strengthen after treatment.

Treatment of:

  • Herniated Discs

  • Degenerative Discs

  • ​Bulging Discs

Common Causes of Back Pain

  • The discs in your spine act as shock absorbers. Herniation or "bulging" of the discs may occur due to wear and tear. This is one of the most common causes of lower back pain.

  • Disc degeneration can occur when the spongy disc dries out. Over time or with injury, discs may dry out, tear and put pressure on the nerves. The result is muscle tension and back pain.