Sport Injury Treatment

Are you a weekend warrior who's out on the fairway every weekend? Perhaps you are a non-professional tennis or basketball team that works out a few times a week for practices and games? On the other hand, you could be a fitness guru, constantly working out or playing with others. No matter the case, you could find yourself needing a sports injury chiropractor at Sorell-Iversen Chiropractic Clinic in Manhattan, KS.


What Injuries We Treat

Our sports injury chiropractor can help if you fell while running or participating in a sport. If you overstretched a ligament. You could also overwork the soft tissue and cause a repetitive stress injury. A prime example is a strain, which occurs when you overwork a muscle or tendon, whereas a sprain happens when you overstretch a ligament. Either one can cause you pain. You could develop tendonitis, which occurs when you have inflammation of a tendon. It's another painful condition that tends to be chronic. We can treat bursitis and dislocations.

Treatments We Use

If you suffer from an athletic injury, the first step our sports injury chiropractor will take is to provide you with a comprehensive evaluation. For one, our chiropractor will want to see firsthand your range of motion and will apply gentle pressure to the area to assess for swelling and tightness. The next step for any sports injuries is to create a treatment plan tailored to the patient's needs and situation.

For instance, the treatment may consist of chiropractic exercise -- a treatment we use to increase your range of motion and help with the pain. The therapy gradually increases in difficulty as you heal to optimize your results. We'd like to point out that the motions encourage blood flow to the area. This extra blood carries additional nutrients to the site to promote healing.

Another treatment we may use is a chiropractic adjustment. During this treatment, our practitioner will have you lie on a table while he gently moves the vertebrae in the back using controlled, gentle pressure. This ultimately relieves pressure on the nearby nerves and soft tissue to ease your pain and other symptoms. Lifestyle advice is another portion of your athletic injury treatment since you can't always be in our office. And when you aren't, it's best to have information to help you heal to the fullest.

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Sorell-Iversen Chiropractic Clinic, serving Manhattan, KS and the neighboring communities, offers a number of chiropractic treatments to help if you suffered from any of the aforementioned sports injuries or another one not mentioned. When you come to us, we'll find a treatment plan especially for your issue to get you back in the game fully and as quickly as safely possible. Are you looking for a chiropractor near me? Book an appointment by calling us at (785) 776-7568.

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