Personal Injury

Personal Injury Treatment with Our Chiropractor

Sorell-Iverson Chiropractic Clinic in Manhattan, KS, can help with sports injuries, car accidents, or other personal injuries. In addition, we help if you have knee, back, neck, or shoulder pain and various types of musculoskeletal pain. Read below to understand the differences between auto and personal injuries. We would be happy to help either, but knowing what to look for is beneficial.


Personal Injury

You may experience a personal injury at work. For instance, you may slip and fall on a wet floor. Or, you injured your back when turning.

You may also experience a personal injury on the court or field. In these cases, you might experience an overexertion injury where you move your body beyond its limits. On the other hand, you might develop a personal injury during sports if you use the same body part repeatedly, which stresses the soft tissue.

Car accidents are another example of a time when injuries may arise. The impact from the collision may hurt your neck or back. Not to mention, several other injuries could occur in other parts of your musculoskeletal system.

You may even develop a personal injury when you walk at home and fall.

Our Chiropractor Can Assist

Our practitioner can assist with developing a sports injury, injury from a car accident, or another personal injury. Your treatment will begin with a thorough assessment of the problem. Next, our chiropractor will review your medical history and see if you've had surgery or issues. For example, if you have shoulder pain now after an injury, our practitioner will know if you've had problems with your shoulder in the past.

The next step is devising a treatment plan. It may include chiropractic exercise when our practitioner guides you through exercises that work a specific body part. You'll move the region through multiple repetitions. The activities will gradually increase in difficulty, enhancing your healing and growing function and flexion.

Our practitioner will provide lifestyle advice to avoid reinjuring the area or causing additional pain.

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At Sorell-Iverson Chiropractic Clinic, serving Manhattan, KS, and the neighboring communities, we offer personal injury chiropractic care to optimize your healing as much as possible. We aim to get you back to doing what you love quickly and safely. Contact our office for an appointment by dialing (785) 776-7568. We would be happy to help you with your personal injury, no matter how you’ve obtained it.

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